RIGK – beginning of illegalities in Romania

Without having an authorisation as a waste collector, RIGK was illegally operating SCAPA from May 2008 to July 2011, when a licence for non-hazardous waste collection was issued for a warehouse in Bucharest.

But RIGK managed to collected about 1100 tons of waste, classified as non-hazardous during all this time. Over collection campaigns in October 2008,  full years 2009 and 2010 and half of 2011, RIGK was not authorised.  AIPROM reported to authorities everything RIGK collected. In 2008, AIPROM reported a recovery threshold of 11% from the total packages they send to the market, in 2009 the recovery reached 38.58%, in 2010 was 51% and in 2011 RIGK collected a 55% recovery rate .

The quantities were collected from a total of 6-800 collection points, farmers or pesticide distributors. It’s also impressive how RIGK managed to collect so many percentages from only few generators comparing with the number of the farmers in Romania. Chameleonic behaviour has been described many times before, either in a pamphlet,  on riot’s placards or in official reports about multinational companies. I will explain later what is the key for the excellent results of RIGK srl in Romania.

In waste management, to find someone to do the dirty work is sometimes simple, sometimes might be complicated, but always is a question of costs.

RIGK gmbh decide to open its brunch in Romania, RIGK srl, few weeks before AIPROM’s tender. The list of RIGK gmbh shareholders has a list of major German chemical companies. Some RIGK gmbh shareholders were ready then to become RIGK srl clients in Romania.

But what seemed to be a guarantee for SCAPA service quality was doubtable very soon. Unauthorised RIGK srl left AIPROM and its members in a uncertain position in relation with their clients and with authorities.  How legal was SCAPA organized with an illegal operator?


RIGK was fined only once during this period, by Alba County Environment Guard. The control was organised to find smugglers of metal wastes.  Environmental Guard Commissioners found then a large number of SCAPA metal drums containing residues of pesticides coming from SCAPA (pictures with red metal drums).  RIGK Administrator, being also General Manager of Romanian company, decide to not report the situation and the fine to AIPROM,  although the contracts with AIPROM members required so.  RIGK srl paid the fine and was obliged  to decontaminate the metal drums or to return them  to the generator. RIGK srl send the drums back to the generator, choosing to not make too much noise on the road.


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