A soft recycled paper with pesticides included, from RIGK Romania

Following the series of RIGK srl illegalities in Romania from here and  here,

a smooth story about  how RIGK srl recycled SCAPA paper in Romania without caring AIPROM contracts and ECPA rules.

Paper collected by SCAPA from farms are mainly cardboard boxes, wrapping carton used for box pallets, etc… Secondary pesticides packages that can be easily contaminated with hazardous substances right after the usage of the product or during the temporary storage, as you can see in the pictures below.

AIPROM contracts and European Crop Protection Association – guideline for waste management  Containers Guidelines FAO 2008 obliged RIGK to incinerate all quantities of paper.

In 2009 and 2010, RIGK reported to AIPROM a 41% recovery rate for paper, calculated from the quantities members send on the market.

agrofam (8)petrosu (2)

Having an idea about what paper SCAPA collected with RIGK, I presume that RIGK did not collect and send to recycling paper bags from granulated pesticides, seeds and fertilisers bags.

Where end up the paper with pesticide’s molecules traded by RIGK? You have to ask Cami Comexim.

carani (9)L1006958carani (24)

In august 2013, after a control of Environmental Guard, RIGK was fined because the company did not fulfil the legal declaration of the quantities as OUG 196/2005 requires. Do they include at any time this recycled paper into their declaration?


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