Not the Milky Way

Ambalaj SYNGENTA mincat de o vaca in Insula Mare a Brailei

One day I made a visit to a farm. I saw a cow eating a pesticide’s paper box. I felt angry mixed with sorrow. Angry because something like this might happened next to any farm, daily.  Sorrow for seeing that people not care too much. I tried to do my best with SCAPA but I realised I cannot change too much.  In pesticide container waste management, when I hear about the extended producers responsibility I still feel Angry.  This industry cares about public image and I believe they will change their attitude searching for the truth not in meeting rooms but at farms and at their waste collectors.  So, I’m ready to change this Angry into Action. If you feel so, join and spread the word of Angry4Change with love for environment. Cornel Brad


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