RIGK srl avoiding legal obligations for metal recovery

Coming back to a previous post about the beginning of RIGK illegal activities in Romania.

Between 2008 and 2010, RIGK Romania collected metal waste from SCAPA , mostly 200l barrels used by some of AIPROM’s members to import pesticides.

The level of contamination for the SCAPA metal might be significant, but at that time seemed to be the slightest problem for SCAPA. Everyone involved at the decisional level  expected that any hazardous substances will be destroyed anyhow at the temperatures above 1400 Celsius degrees during the recycling process.

chemark (16)

But I found years after that for an important percentage from the metal recovered between 2008 and 2010 RIGK has no legal documents for final disposal. Quantities were reported to AIPROM, AIPROM reported to authorities, but the final document of delivery to an authorized recycler is missing and this is mandatory.

SCAPA members reported these amounts of metal waste to Environment Fund without RIGK can demonstrate to the authorities that they or fulfilled the contractual or legal obligations.

RIGK did not declare this metal to Romanian Environmental Agency,  a common obligation for a legal collector.  RIGK had no authorisation as a collector in Romania until July 2011.

RIGK srl did not paid the 3% environmental tax from the income from trading this material.

In august 2013 RIGK Romania was fined by Environmental Guard because the company did not fulfil the declaration for collected waste. Do they paid their obligations afterwards? I doubt about it. They will declare the income from the industry or they will calculate the tax at the market value?

RIGK Romania General Manager, in place since 2008 up to date, is an active and important member of a consultative group at European Crop Protection Association- ECPA, whose “Code for waste management” defining clear obligation for the pesticide’s waste collection systems to ensure a 100% traceability for all the collected quantities. The same person is the General Manager of RIGK Germany, too.


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