Working condition at RIGK srl for compacting and shredding SCAPA waste

I remember a dialogue with one of my former German colleagues send to Romania to supervise the rental of RIGK’s warehouse in Doman-Resita.

I told him that with such conditions we can not pass over any ECPA or AIPROM audit. And, in case some of our clients will pay us a visit, we will have a huge problem with our contracts and image. He answer to me just a simple sentence: “This is Romanian condition”.

In the end,  RIGK srl did the contract and end to work for recycling SCAPA materials in these conditions: video1 and video2. Contaminated plastic shredded into dangerous and hazardous environment.

The results in the end, ready to be delivered, looked like this:

IMG_1154 IMG_1155


For the people that are not familiar with crop protection substances, red , yellow and blue colours are not a way to express our Romanian patriotism. It is a massive diffusions of the seed treatment substances into the shredded material. Seed treatment is a hazardous substances.

The owner of the warehouse was the Romania connection and representative for Multiport Recycling Gmbh, a German company that provides recycling services for PAMIRA and ADIVALOR, German and French pesticide collection systems. The deal was recommended, initiated, supervised and agreed by the General Manager of RIGK gmbh and RIGK srl, the one and the same person.

The site was visited couple of times in 2011 and 2012 by Multiport representatives and RIGK Germany team. Nobody complaint, everybody was satisfied and eager to make more money. Multiport received everything from SCAPA. Where is this plastic now? Based on ECPA rules they have to control each quantity of recycled material until the end product.

Any interesting story with hardworking conditions for fashion production in Asia and Africa? Anyone interested to know where and what product the Romanian SCAPA plastic ended after Multiport recycled them?


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