A German report

In case someone believes that nobody from Germany knew what happened with RIGK srl collection for SCAPA, please let me bring to you a selection from an activity report done by a young German colleague.

A.B. is the author of an extended report of RIGK srl activity done after he was present for almost 5 months in Romania. He worked together with RIGK srl team in all departments of the office; he visited together with SCAPA inspectors all the collection areas and was travelling several times with me in Romania, in Resita and other collection sites. He was paid by RIGK gmbh and his report was send by email to all German and Romanian RIGK employees connected with SCAPA decisions.

As you will see, RIGK gmbh or RIGK srl team members took no decisions to eliminate from SCAPA system the non-SCAPA materials, at least not until december 2012.

A.B home address is 40 meters away to our General Manager house, in a small clean village of Germany, so I expect they had an extra little chat about Romania in case there was no time for reading an exhaustive report.

The text is my personal sellection focusing on subjects related to what I considered important for this blog.

”’ Time of internship:
 01.10.2011 – 18.03.2012 (without the time around Christmas and New Year as well as the time from 15.02.2012 – 29.02.2012) (…)

Transboundary Transportation:

Since the circumstances did not allow an immediate transport of SCAPA-material to Germany, this aim has been reached throughout the collaboration with Lineo Design and Multiport. In the beginning there did not exist a warehouse to collect a sufficient amount of material for transportation to Germany. The approval from AIPROM for recycling was missing, too. The prepared disposition for transportation is not used since the transportation from Romania to Germany is done by Multiport. (…)

Recycling of SCAPA-material:

As well as the topic above, this aim has been reached by the collaboration of RIGK with Lineo Design and Multiport. Recycling in Romania (Buzau) was not possible before (EVOH-layer), but could be possible in the future. With the first transport to Germany the sufficient quality of the material for recycling should be clear. (…)

Big Bags

Collected Big Bags are put on the SCAPA-system. Problem: Amount is quite high and could influence the total collected amount when not further collected. The famers rely on the collection of the Big Bags by RIGK. Multiport does not recycle Big Bags, so they still have to be incinerated. A new system could bring new revenues through the collection and sale of Big Bags. (…)

Collection of big bags in the collection amount of the SCAPA-System/anticipated collection amount in 2012:

According to the budget 2012, 780 tons of material in the SCAPA system will be collected. That would be an additional amount of about 16%. Without the collection of big bags, this amount is unlikely to be. However, it is assumed that AIPROM could notice by the inspection of the amounts collected / area and the comparison to sold products. That would endanger to the contract with AIPROM. Furthermore RIGK could take advantage out of the trading of big bags. (…)

Classification of the material

The waiting strategy that was agreed with AIPROM was not successful. The new developments could lead to a classification of the SCAPA material as hazardous material, if the analysis of the SCAPA material fails or is not recognized, or if the industry refuses to deliver the data sheets for their products. This is of course the worst-case scenario and is unlikely to happen.(…)

Personally the internship gave me valuable insights into the business world and the area of environmentally correct disposal of waste material. The structure of RIGK Romania, allowed me to quickly gain practical experience in important areas of business making and I hope that I could improve my skills. For RIGK I hope to have brought the best possible performance.


Köln, 26.04.2012″

photo credit: Radu Posa


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