The Spanish case

SIGFITO, Spain, 2010. Recycling 98,7% from the recovered plastic pesticides packages classified as hazardous waste

Sigfito was the only solution for pesticides package recovery in Spain since 2002 to 2011. Sigfito’s shareholders are the Pesticide Industry Association representing about 100% of the market,  spanish pesticides distributors / wholesalers and spanish farmers associations.

In 2010, in Spain, Sigfito members sent on the market about 4300 tons of plastic packages, Sigfito collected 57,5% representing about 2.470 tons of plastic. Sigfito send to recycling 98,7% from this collected plastic, about 2.440 tons. This informations were available at ECPA headquarter in 2011.

The classification of a properly rinsed empty pesticide container in Spain was a hazardous waste, as long as until end of 2011. Collection points were doing storage and the first selection and then the materials are sending to a recycler, are landfilled or being incinerated.

Sigfito is the Spanish version of SCAPA, both of them being part of Collection Management Systems group activating in European Crop Protection Association- ECPA.

Sigfito management are controlling the information about the final waste dealer, but they cannot control the final produce done with this Spanish plastic.

ECPA is announcing a “Recovery and Recycling Success” at European level on their site and Mr. Jean-Charles Bocquet, Director General of European Crop Protection Association (ECPA) says “Plastic waste is an environmental issue that concerns us all. Recycling should be everybody’s responsibility, whether you run a household, have a restaurant or work for a big business”.

I’m also concerned when I will travel to Spain to drink water from a plastic bottle, hoping that someone doesn’t export too much plastic with a pesticide touch inside.

How is today Spain regarding the pesticide packages classification and recycling? Have no clue. What I know is that we get small portions of true.


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